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About 4 ASD Kids

About Us 4 ASD Kids is a charity founded by Dual International Mat Rogers and his wife Chloe Maxwell. The Not-for profit raises funds to sponsor kids affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders into programmes and to help provide necessary resources for their therapy.

Our History

In 2009 we went public about our son Max's battle with autism. It's something that we considered very deeply but felt by telling our story we may be able to assist families with similar challenges. After the initial publicity we were so overwhelmed by the messages of support and assistance that we formed our charity, 4 ASD Kids. Our dream is to be able to change the lives of families with children battling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by assisting them to access the early intervention treatment that we believe is critical to giving these kids the best chance at leading a normal life and reaching their full potential.

Since starting the charity 4 ASD Kids and with the assistance of a dedicated legion of supporters we have staged a series of fundraising events and activities that have provided us with the funds which are assisting families into programs.

This website is our online hub for resources and information on ASD that we have found useful or someone we know has had benefit from. It is also a forum for event and fundraising campaigns. 

We are pleased to report that our Max is developing well and we are just as determined today as the day we started our ASD journey to do what we can to change lives for the better!

Caring for ASD Kids, Mat & Chloe Rogers

Our Board Members

Mat Rogers

Dual international football player

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Chloe Maxwell

Ex-model Author and media personality

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Jay Ohmsen

Senior Educator advisor/ Teacher, in the South East Region, Department of Education.

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Joe Ingles

Utah Jazz NBA basketball player
Four time Olympian

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Renae Ingles

Ex professional netball player

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Alan Rosin

Chartered accountant and registered tax agent

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Robert Bell

Digital Marketer and Marketing Technology professional

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Matthew Stewart


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Michael Crawley

Director of Valley Eyewear

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To fill the gap financially for those in need on the spectrum


To be the No 1 fundraising platform for Autism


Everyone is deserving of opportunities, and where we see a need, we will do our best to fill it. We strive to be the helping hand for growth and opportunity to those on the spectrum.

Our partners