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Remember when your child was first diagnosed with autism? Do you remember staring blankly at the doctor? Do you remember feeling helpless, guilty, angry, in denial and overwhelmed all at the same time? Everything was a blur and you felt lost and alone.

Listed below are a number of books, articles and websites that Chloe recommends that may assist you in making sense of it all and taking that first positive step forward for the benefit of your child.

Buy Chloe's book 'Living with Max'

Heartbreakingly honest and moving, LIVING WITH MAX is the story of how Chloe and her family learned to face the challenges of autism and release the little boy locked within.



Australian Austism Handbook - The Essential Resource Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
— By Benison O'Reilly and Seana Smith. Jane Curry Publishing 2008


"If only I'd known - Things nobody told me when my child was diagnosed with autism".
— By Jene Aviram. Jan-Feb 2009. Autism Digest.


Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew.
— By Ellen Notbohm. 2005


The Trials of Toilet Training - Training the other child.
— By Maureen Bennie. May-Jun 2007. Autism Digest.